Benefits of playing golf

The Abbey Hotel has a golf course in Worcestershire where you can go for a great game of golf. In reality, you can be able to get a good workout if you play a game of golf as it should be played. Here are the benefits of playing golf on foot and with a bag hanging on your back:

  • Burning calories

The Abbey Hotel has a 72-hole golf course in Worcestershire. If you are looking for a way to burn calories, walking 18 holes is the way to go.

  • Working core muscles

As you walk with your bag out of hotels in Worcestershire, you are actually working out where is matters. These include the muscles on your legs as well as those on your hands.

  • Building your heart’s strength

Walking out of the hotel and onto an 18-hole golf course is a great way of working your heart. You only need three such rounds on the golf course to strengthen your heart.

  • Lots of vitamin D

Outside hotels in Worcestershire is plenty of sunshine which you can soak in as you walk the golf course. Expect your bones to grow better and your heart to be healthier.

So why not come to The Abbey Hotel for the best golf hotel experience?

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